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Art. 927 A. Purpose and establishment / I. In general
Art. 929 A. Purpose and establishment / III. Federal Council ordinances / 1. In general

Art. 928 A. Purpose and establishment / II. Liability

II. Liability

1 The commercial registrars and the supervisory authorities to which they directly report are personally liable for all losses caused through their own fault or that of the employees they appoint.

2 ...1

3 Where the loss is not covered by the liable civil servant, the canton must bear the shortfall.

1 Repealed by Annex No 10 of the FA of 19 Dec. 2008 (Adult Protection, Law of Persons and Law of Children), with effect from 1 Jan. 2013 (AS 2011 725; BBl 2006 7001).

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Art. 922 B. Organisation / I. Assemblée des délégués
Art. 924 B. Organisation / III. Contrôle. Recours au tribunal

Art. 923 B. Organisation / II. Administration

II. Administration

L’administration se compose de membres des sociétés fédérées, si les statuts n’en disposent autrement.

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