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Art. 872 E. Duties / III. Liability / 2. Of the members / d. Inadmissible restrictions
Art. 874 E. Duties / III. Liability / 2. Of the members / f. Amendment of liability provisions

Art. 873 E. Duties / III. Liability / 2. Of the members / e. Procedure in insolvency

e. Procedure in insolvency

1 In the event of the insolvency of a cooperative in which the members are personally liable or liable to make additional contributions, at the same time as they draw up the schedule of claims the insolvency administrators must determine and call in the provisional personal liability of each indivaidual member or the additional contributions he must make.

2 Irrecoverable amounts must be spread equally among the other members, and surpluses repaid once the final distribution plan has been formulated. The members’ right of recourse against each other is reserved.

3 The provisional determination of members’ obligations and the distribution plan are subject to challenge by appeal on procedural grounds pursuant to the Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act of 11 April 18891.

4 The procedure is determined by Federal Council ordinance.2

1 SR 281.1
2 Amended by No II 10 of the FA of 20 March 2008 on the Formal Revision of Federal Legislation, in force since 1 Aug. 2008 (AS 2008 3437 3452; BBl 2007 6121).

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Art. 867 E. Obligations / II. Prestations
Art. 869 E. Obligations / III. Responsabilité / 2. Des associés / a. Responsabilité illimitée

Art. 868 E. Obligations / III. Responsabilité / 1. De la société

III. Responsabilité

1. De la société

La fortune sociale répond des engagements de la société. Sauf disposition contraire des statuts, elle en répond seule.

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