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Art. 862 D. Rights / III. Rights to share the net profit / 5. Welfare funds
Art. 864 D. Rights / IV. Entitlement to settlement / 1. Under the articles of association

Art. 863 D. Rights / III. Rights to share the net profit / 6. Further allocations to reserves

6. Further allocations to reserves

1 Allocations to the reserve fund and other funds in accordance with the law and the articles of association are deducted in the first instance from the net profit available for distribution.

2 Where it is deemed appropriate in order to secure the long-term health of the cooperative, the general assembly of members may also resolve to create reserves which are not envisaged by or meet higher requirements than are specified by the law or the articles of association.

3 Similarly, contributions may be deducted from the net profit for the purpose of creating and financing welfare funds for employees, other workers and members or for other welfare purposes even where these are not envisaged in the articles of association; such contributions are subject to the provisions governing welfare funds established by the articles of association.

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