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Art. 855 D. Rights / I. Voting right
Art. 857 D. Rights / II. Control by the members / 2. Release of information

Art. 856 D. Rights / II. Control by the members / 1. Disclosure of the balance sheet

II. Control by the members

1. Disclosure of the balance sheet

1 No later than ten days prior to the general assembly of members or the ballot to decide on approval of the management report, the consolidated accounts and the annual accounts, these documents together with the audit report must be made available at the seat of the cooperative for inspection by its members.1

2 The articles of association may stipulate that each member is entitled, at his own expense, to request a copy of the profit and loss account and the balance sheet from the cooperative.

1 Amended by No I 3 of the FA of 23 Dec. 2011 (Financial Reporting Law), in force since 1 Jan. 2013 (AS 2012 6679; BBl 2008 1589).

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Art. 850 E. Transfert de la qualité d’associé / II. Aliénation d’un immeuble ou d’une exploitation
Art. 852 A. Constatation de la qualité d’associé

Art. 851 F. Sortie du nouvel associé

F. Sortie du nouvel associé

Lorsque la qualité d’associé est transférée ou acquise par voie de succession, les conditions mises à la sortie s’appliquent au nouvel associé.

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