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Art. 831 C. Establishment / I. Requirements / 2. Number of members
Art. 833 C. Establishment / II. Articles of association / 2. Further provisions

Art. 832 C. Establishment / II. Articles of association / 1. Content prescribed by law

II. Articles of association

1. Content prescribed by law

The articles of association must contain provisions concerning:

the name (business name) and seat of the cooperative;
the objects of the cooperative;
any obligation on members to make cash or other contributions and the nature and amount thereof;
the governing bodies for the administration and for auditing and the manner in which it is to be represented;
the form of the cooperative’s external communications.

1 Amended by No I 3 of the FA of 16 Dec. 2005 (Law on Limited Liability Companies and Amendments to the Law on Companies limited by Shares, Cooperatives, the Commercial Register and Business Names), in force since 1 Jan. 2008 (AS 2007 479 ; BBl 2002 3148, 2004 3969).

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Art. 826 C. Liquidation
Art. 828 A. Société coopérative du droit des obligations

Art. 827

Les dispositions du droit de la société anonyme concernant la responsabilité des personnes qui ont coopéré à la fondation de la société ou qui s’occupent de la gestion, de la révision ou de la liquidation de la société s’appliquent par analogie à la société à responsabilité limitée.

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