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Art. 7541A. Liability / III. Liability for administration, business management and liquidation
Art. 7561B. Damage to the company / I. Claims outside insolvency

Art. 7551A. Liability / IV. Auditors’ liability

IV. Auditors’ liability

All persons engaged in auditing the annual and consolidated accounts, the company’s establishment, a capital increase or a capital reduction are liable both to the company and to the indivaidual shareholders and creditors for the losses arising from any intentional or negligent breach of their duties.

2 If the audit is conducted by a public audit office or by one of its employees, the relevant public authority is liable. Legal action against persons involved in the audit is governed by public law.2

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 4 Oct. 1991, in force since 1 July 1992 (AS 1992 733; BBl 1983 II 745).
2 Inserted by No I 3 of the FA of 16 Dec. 2005 (Law on Limited Liability Companies and Amendments to the Law on Companies limited by Shares, Cooperatives, the Commercial Register and Business Names), in force since 1 Jan. 2008 (AS 2007 4791; BBl 2002 3148, 2004 3969).

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