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Art. 725a1VII. Capital loss and overindebtedness / 2. Commencement or stay of insolvency proceedings
Art. 727 I. Audit requirement / 1. Ordinary audit

Art. 726 VIII. Dismissal and suspension

VIII. Dismissal and suspension1

1 The board of directors may dismiss committees, managing directors, executive officers, registered attorneys and other commercial agents that it has appointed at any time.

2 The registered attorneys and commercial agents appointed by the general meeting may be suspended from their duties at any time by the board of directors, providing a general meeting is convened immediately.

3 Claims for compensation by persons dismissed or suspended are reserved.

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 4 Oct. 1991, in force since 1 July 1992 (AS 1992 733; BBl 1983 II 745).

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Art. 7221VI. Responsabilité pour les organes
Art. 7251VII. Perte de capital et surendettement / 1. Avis obligatoires

Art. 723 et 7241

1 Abrogés par le ch. I de la LF du 4 oct. 1991, avec effet au 1er juil. 1992 (RO 1992 733; FF 1983 II 757).

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