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Art. 703 V. Resolutions and elections / 1. In general
Art. 704a1V. Resolutions and elections / 3. Conversion of bearer shares into registered shares

Art. 7041V. Resolutions and elections / 2. Important resolutions

2. Important resolutions

1 A resolution by the general meeting requires at least two-thirds of the voting rights represented and an absolute majority of the nominal value of shares represented for:

any amendment of the company’s objects;
the introduction of shares with preferential voting rights;
any restriction on the transferability of registered shares;
an authorised or contingent capital increase or the creation of reserve capital in accordance with Article 12 of the Banking Act of 8 November 19343;
a capital increase funded by equity capital, against contributions in kind or to fund acquisitions in kind and the granting of special privileges;
any restriction or cancellation of the subscription right;
a relocation of the seat of the company;
the dissolution of the company

2 Provisions of the articles of association which stipulate that larger majorities than those prescribed by law are required in order to make certain resolutions may themselves be introduced only with the planned majority.

3 Registered shareholders who did not vote in favour of a resolution to amend the company’s objects or to introduce shares with preferential voting rights are not bound by restrictions on the transferability of their shares imposed by the articles of association for six months following publication of such resolutions in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce.

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 4 Oct. 1991, in force since 1 July 1992 (AS 1992 733; BBl 1983 II 745).
2 Amended by Annex No I of the FA of 30 Sept. 2011 (Securing Stability in the Financial Sector), in force since 1 March 2012 (AS 2012 811; BBl 2011 4717).
3 SR 952.0
4 Amended by No I 3 of the FA of 16 Dec. 2005 (Law on Limited Liability Companies and Amendments to the Law on Companies limited by Shares, Cooperatives, the Commercial Register and Business Names), in force since 1 Jan. 2008 (AS 2007 4791; BBl 2002 3148, 2004 3969.

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Art. 701 II. Convocation et inscription à l’ordre du jour / 3. Réunion de tous les actionnaires
Art. 702a1IV. Participation des membres du conseil d’administration

Art. 7021III. Mesures préparatoires; procès-verbal

III. Mesures préparatoires; procès-verbal

1 Le conseil d’administration prend les mesures nécessaires pour constater le droit de vote des actionnaires.

2 Il veille à la rédaction du procès-verbal. Celui-ci mentionne:

le nombre, l’espèce, la valeur nominale et la catégorie des actions représentées par les actionnaires, les organes, ainsi que les représentants indépendants et les représentants dépositaires;
les décisions et le résultat des élections;
les demandes de renseignements et les réponses données;
les déclarations dont les actionnaires demandent l’inscription.

3 Les actionnaires ont le droit de consulter le procès-verbal.

1 Nouvelle teneur selon le ch. I de la LF du 4 oct. 1991, en vigueur depuis le 1er juil. 1992 (RO 1992 733; FF 1983 II 757).

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