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Art. 6731C. Reserves / II. Reserves pursuant to the articles of association / 2. For staff welfare purposes
Art. 675 D. Dividends, interest before commencement of operations and shares of profits paid to board members / I. Dividends

Art. 6741C. Reserves / III. Ratio of the share in the profit to the reserves

III. Ratio of the share in the profit to the reserves

1 The divaidend may be determined only after the allocations to reserves required by the law and the articles of association have been deducted.

2 The general meeting may resolve on the formation of reserves which are not provided for by law or the articles of association or which go beyond the requirements thereof, provided that

this is necessary for replacement purposes;
with a view to the long-term prosperity of the company or the desirability of a stable divaidend, such reserves are justified and in the best interests of the shareholders.

3 Similarly, the general meeting may resolve on the allocation of disposable profit to form reserves for the foundation and funding of welfare schemes for the company’s employees or for other welfare purposes even where such reserves are not provided for in the articles of association.

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 4 Oct. 1991, in force since 1 July 1992 (AS 1992 733; BBl 1983 II 745).

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Art. 671a1C. Réserves / I. Réserves légales / 2. Réserve pour actions propres
Art. 6721C. Réserves / II. Réserves statutaires / 1. En général

Art. 671b1C. Réserves / I. Réserves légales / 3. Réserve de réévaluation

3. Réserve de réévaluation

La réserve de réévaluation ne peut être dissoute que par transformation en capital-actions, par amortissement ou par aliénation des actifs réévalués.

1 Introduit par le ch. I de la LF du 4 oct. 1991, en vigueur depuis le 1er juil. 1992 (RO 1992 733; FF 1983 II 757).

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