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Art. 6261E. Articles of association / I. Content prescribed by law
Art. 628 E. Articles of association / II. Further provisions / 2. Relating specifically to contributions in kind, acquisitions in kind, special privileges

Art. 6271E. Articles of association / II. Further provisions / 1. In general

II. Further provisions

1. In general

In order to be binding, provisions on the following matters must be included in the articles of association:

amendment of the articles of association, where different from the statutory provisions;
the payment of shares of profits paid to board members;
the interest paid to shareholders until commencement of the company’s operations;
limitation of the company’s duration;
contractual penalties for failure to pay up share capital on time;
capital increases from authorised capital and contingent capital increases;
restrictions on the transferability of registered shares;
the preferential rights of indivaidual share classes, participation certificates, divaidend rights certificates and the granting of special privileges;
restrictions on the voting rights of shareholders and their rights to appoint representatives;
cases not envisaged in law in which the general meeting may make resolutions only by qualified majority;
authority to delegate management responsibilities to indivaidual members of the board of directors or to third parties;
the organisation and duties of the external auditors, where these go beyond those prescribed by law;
the possibility of converting shares issued in a specific form into another form, together with an allocation of resultant costs, where this derogates from the regulations in the Uncertificated Securities Act of 3 October 20084.

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 4 Oct. 1991, in force since 1 July 1992 (AS 1992 733; BBl 1983 II 745).
2 Repealed by No I 2 of the FA of 12 Dec. 2014 on the Implementation of the revised recommendations 2012 of the Financial Action Task Force, with effect from 1 July 2015 (AS 2015 1389; BBl 2014 605).
3 Inserted by Annex No 3 of the Uncertificated Securities Act of 3 Oct. 2008, in force since 1 Jan. 2010 (AS 2009 3577; BBl 2006 9315).
4 SR 957.1

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Art. 623 C. Actions / II. Division et réunion
Art. 6251D. Actionnaires

Art. 624 C. Actions / III. Cours d’émission

III. Cours d’émission

1 Les actions ne peuvent être émises qu’au pair ou à un cours supérieur. Demeure réservée l’émission de nouvelles actions destinées à remplacer celles qui ont été annulées.

2 et 3 ...1

1 Abrogés par le ch. I de la LF du 4 oct. 1991, avec effet au 1er juil. 1992 (RO 1992 733; FF 1983 II 757).

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