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Art. 584 C. Representation of heirs
Art. 586 E. Provisional distribution

Art. 585 D. Rights and obligations of the liquidators

D. Rights and obligations of the liquidators

1 The liquidators wind up the dissolved partnership’s current business, discharge its obligations, call in all debts receivable and realise its assets as required for the divaision thereof.

2 They represent the partnership in all transactions carried out for liquidation purposes, are entitled to conduct legal proceedings, reach settlements, conclude arbitration agreements and even, where required for liquidation purposes, effect new transactions.

3 Where a partner objects to a decision by the liquidators to sell partnership assets at an overall sale price or to their refusal of such a sale or to the manner in which they intend to dispose of immovable property, at his request the court will decide the matter.

4 The partnership is liable for any damage resulting from torts committed by a liquidator in the exercise of his function.

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Art. 581a1D. Carences dans l’organisation de la société
Art. 583 B. Liquidateurs

Art. 582 A. Règle

A. Règle

La liquidation de la société dissoute s’opère conformément aux dispositions qui suivent, à moins que les associés ne soient convenus d’un autre règlement ou que la société ne soit en faillite.

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