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Art. 370 B. Effects / I. Contractor’s obligations / 4. Liability for defects / d. Approval of the work
Art. 372 B. Effects / II. Customer’s obligations / 1. Due date for payment

Art. 3711B. Effects / I. Contractor’s obligations / 4. Liability for defects / e. Prescription

e. Prescription

1 The right of the customer to bring claims due to defects in the work prescribe two years from acceptance of the work. However, the prescriptive period amounts to five years where defects in a movable object that has been incorporated in an immovable work in a manner consistent with its nature and purpose have caused the work to be defective.

2 The customer’s claims in respect of defects in an immovable work against both the contractor and any architect or engineer who rendered services in connection with such work prescribe five years after completion of the work.

3 Otherwise the rules governing prescription of the corresponding rights of a buyer apply mutatis mutandis.

1 Amended by No I of the FA of 16 March 2012 (Limitation Periods for Guarantee Claims. Extension and Coordination), in force since 1 Jan. 2013 (AS 2012 5415; BBl 2011 2889 3903).

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