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Art. 360a1IV. Minimum wage / 1. Requirements
Art. 360c1IV. Minimum wage / 3. Official secrecy

Art. 360b1IV. Minimum wage / 2. Tripartite commissions

2. Tripartite commissions

1 The Confederation and each canton shall establish a tripartite commission consisting of an equal number of employers’ and employees’ representatives in addition to representatives of the state.

2 Employers’ and employees’ associations have the right to put forward candidates for selection as their representatives within the meaning of paragraph 1.

3 The commissions monitor the labour market. If they observe abusive practices within the meaning of Article 360a paragraph 1, they normally seek to reach agreement directly with the employers concerned. Where this cannot be achieved within two months, they petition the competent authority to issue a standard employment contract fixing a minimum wage for the affected sectors or occupations.

4 If labour market conditions in the affected sectors change, the tripartite commission petitions the competent authority to amend or rescind the standard employment contract.

5 To enable them to discharge their responsibilities, the tripartite commissions have the right to obtain information and inspect any business document necessary to the conduct of their investigation. In the event of a dispute, a ruling is given by a body specially appointed for this purpose by the Confederation or the canton, as applicable.

6 Where necessary for the conduct of their investigations, on application the tripartite commissions may obtain personal data contained in corporate collective employment contracts from the Federal Statistical Office.2

1 Inserted by Annex No 2 to the FA of 8 Oct. 1999 on Workers posted to Switzerland, in force since 1 June 2003 (AS 2003 1370; BBl 1999 6128).
2 Inserted by Art. 2 No 2 of the FA of 17 Dec. 2004 approving and implementing the Protocol relating to the extension of the Agreement between the Swiss Confederation, of the one part, and the EU and its member states, of the other part, on the free movement of persons to new EU member states and approving the revision of the accompanying measures on the free movement of persons, in force since 1 April 2006 (AS 2006 979; BBl 2004 5891 6565).

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Art. 359a II. Autorités compétentes et procédure
Art. 360a1IV. Salaires minimaux / 1. Conditions

Art. 360 III. Effets

III. Effets

1 Sauf accord contraire, le contrat-type de travail s’applique directement aux rapports de travail qu’il régit.

2 Le contrat-type peut prévoir que les accords dérogeant à certaines de ses dispositions doivent être passés en la forme écrite.

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