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Art. 359 I. Definition and content
Art. 360 III. Effects

Art. 359a II. Competent authorities and procedure

II. Competent authorities and procedure

1 Where the scope of application of a standard employment contract extends over more than one canton, the Federal Council is responsible for issuing it, but otherwise the canton is responsible.

2 Before being issued, the standard employment contract shall be published in an appropriate manner and a time limit set within which interested parties may submit their comments in writing; furthermore, the relevant professional associations and public bodies shall be consulted.

3 The standard employment contract comes into force once it has been issued in accordance with the provisions governing official publications.

4 The same procedure applies to the rescission or amendment of a standard employment contract.

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Art. 357b II. Effets / 3. Exécution commune
Art. 359 I. Définition et objet

Art. 358 III. Rapport avec le droit impératif

III. Rapport avec le droit impératif

Le droit impératif de la Confédération et des cantons l’emporte sur la convention; toutefois, les dérogations stipulées en faveur des travailleurs sont valables, à moins que le droit impératif ne s’y oppose expressément.

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