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Art. 1165 C. Creditors’ meeting / II. Convocation / 1. In general
Art. 1167 C. Creditors’ meeting / III. Holding the meeting / 1. Voting right

Art. 1166 C. Creditors’ meeting / II. Convocation / 2. Moratorium

2. Moratorium

1 From the date on which the invitation to the creditors’ meeting is duly published until the final outcome of the composition proceedings, all due claims of the bond creditors are subject to a stay of enforcement.

2 Such stay is not a suspension of payments within the meaning of the Debt Collection and Bankruptcy Act of 11 April 18891; the creditors may not apply for the commencement of insolvency proceedings without prior debt enforcement.

3 For the duration of the stay, such prescriptive and forfeiture periods as can be interrupted by debt enforcement are suspended for the due claims of the bond creditors.

4 Where the borrower abuses the right to obtain a stay of enforcement, at the request of a bond creditor it may be lifted by the higher cantonal composition authority.

1 SR 281.1

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Art. 1155 C. Portée des formes prescrites
Art. 1157 A. Conditions

Art. 11561

1 Abrogé par l’annexe ch. 1 de la LF du 15 juin 2018 sur les services financiers, avec effet au 1er janv. 2020 (RO 2019 4417; FF 2015 8101).

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