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Art. 1043 4. Waiver of protest
Art. 1045 6. Nature of recourse / a. By the holder

Art. 1044 5. Joint and several liability of the parties

5. Joint and several liability of the parties

1 All parties who have drawn, accepted, endorsed or guaranteed a bill of exchange are liable as co-obligors towards the holder.

2 The holder may resort to any of them indivaidually, severally or all together without being bound by the order in which they assumed their obligations.

3 The same right accrues to every party who has honoured the bill of exchange.

4 In asserting his claim against one party liable on a bill, the holder does not surrender his rights against the others or against the endorsers subsequent to such party.

Index Fichier unique

Art. 1034 2. Protêt / a. Conditions et délais
Art. 1036 2. Protêt / c. Énonciations

Art. 1035 2. Protêt / b. Officier public compétent

b. Officier public compétent

Le protêt doit être dressé par une personne ou un office public ayant qualité à cet effet.

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