Fichier unique

Art. 1 The Swiss Confederation
Art. 2 Aims
Art. 3 Cantons
Art. 4 National languages
Art. 5 Rule of law
Art. 5a1Subsidiarity
Art. 6 Individual and collective responsibility
Art. 7 Human dignity
Art. 8 Equality before the law
Art. 9 Protection against arbitrary conduct and principle of good faith
Art. 10 Right to life and to personal freedom
Art. 11 Protection of children and young people
Art. 12 Right to assistance when in need
Art. 13 Right to privacy
Art. 14 Right to marry and to have a family
Art. 15 Freedom of religion and conscience
Art. 16 Freedom of expression and of information
Art. 17 Freedom of the media
Art. 18 Freedom to use any language
Art. 19 Right to basic education
Art. 20 Academic freedom
Art. 21 Freedom of artistic expression
Art. 22 Freedom of assembly
Art. 23 Freedom of association
Art. 24 Freedom of domicile
Art. 25 Protection against expulsion, extradition and deportation
Art. 26 Guarantee of ownership
Art. 27 Economic freedom
Art. 28 Right to form professional associations
Art. 29 General procedural guarantees
Art. 29a1Guarantee of access to the courts
Art. 30 Judicial proceedings
Art. 31 Deprivation of liberty
Art. 32 Criminal proceedings
Art. 33 Right of petition
Art. 34 Political rights
Art. 35 Upholding of fundamental rights
Art. 36 Restrictions on fundamental rights
Art. 37 Citizenship
Art. 38 Acquisition and deprivation of citizenship
Art. 39 Exercise of political rights
Art. 40 The Swiss abroad
Art. 41
Art. 42 Duties of the Confederation
Art. 43 Duties of the Cantons
Art. 43a1Principles for the allocation and fulfilment of state tasks
Art. 44 Principles
Art. 45 Participation in federal decision-making
Art. 46 Implementation of federal law
Art. 47 Autonomy of the Cantons
Art. 48 Intercantonal agreements
Art. 48a1Declaration of general application and requirement of participation
Art. 49 Precedence of and compliance with federal law
Art. 50
Art. 51 Cantonal constitutions
Art. 52 Constitutional order
Art. 53 Number and territory of the Cantons
Art. 54 Foreign relations
Art. 55 Participation of the Cantons in foreign policy decisions
Art. 56 Relations between the Cantons and foreign states
Art. 57 Security
Art. 58 Armed forces
Art. 59 Military service and alternative service
Art. 60 Armed forces organisation, training and equipment
Art. 61 Civil defence
Art. 61a1Swiss Education Area
Art. 62 School education*1
Art. 631Vocational and professional education and training
Art. 63a1Higher education institutions
Art. 64 Research
Art. 64a1Continuing education and training
Art. 65 Statistics
Art. 66 Education grants1
Art. 67 Encouragement of children and young people1
Art. 67a1Musical education
Art. 68 Sport
Art. 69 Culture
Art. 70 Languages
Art. 71 Cinema
Art. 72 Church and state
Art. 73 Sustainable development
Art. 74 Protection of the environment
Art. 75 Spatial planning
Art. 75a1National Land Survey
Art. 75b1Second homes*2
Art. 76 Water
Art. 77 Forests
Art. 78 Protection of natural and cultural heritage
Art. 79 Fishing and hunting
Art. 80 Protection of animals
Art. 81 Public Construction Works
Art. 81a1Public transport
Art. 82 Road transport
Art. 831Road infrastructure
Art. 84 Alpine transit traffic*1
Art. 85 Heavy vehicle charge*1
Art. 85a1Charge for using the national highways
Art. 861Use of charges for tasks and costs in connection with road transport*2
Art. 87 Railways and other modes of transport*1
Art. 87a1Railway infrastructure*2
Art. 87b1Use of charges for tasks and costs in connection with air traffic
Art. 881Footpaths, hiking trails and cycle paths
Art. 89 Energy policy
Art. 90 Nuclear energy*1
Art. 91 Transport of energy
Art. 92 Postal and telecommunications services
Art. 93 Radio and television
Art. 94 Principles of the economic system
Art. 95 Professional activities in the private sector*1
Art. 96 Competition policy
Art. 97 Consumer protection
Art. 98 Banks and insurance companies
Art. 99 Monetary policy
Art. 100 Economic policy
Art. 101 Foreign economic policy
Art. 102 National economic supply*1
Art. 103 Structural policy*1
Art. 104 Agriculture
Art. 104a1Food security
Art. 105 Alcohol
Art. 1061Gambling
Art. 107 Weapons and war material
Art. 108 Construction of housing and home ownership
Art. 109 Landlord and tenant
Art. 110 Employment*1
Art. 111 Old-age, survivors’ and invalidity pension provision
Art. 112 Old-age, Survivors’ and Invalidity Insurance
Art. 112a1Supplementary benefits
Art. 112b1Promoting the rehabilitation of people eligible for invalidity benefits*2
Art. 112c1Aid for elderly people and people with disabilities*2
Art. 113 Occupational pension scheme*1
Art. 114 Unemployment insurance
Art. 115 Support for persons in need
Art. 116 Child allowances and maternity insurance
Art. 117 Health and accident insurance
Art. 117a1Primary medical care
Art. 118 Health protection
Art. 118a1Complementary medicine
Art. 118b1Research on human beings
Art. 119 Reproductive medicine and gene technology involving human beings
Art. 119a1Transplant medicine
Art. 120 Non-human gene technology*1
Art. 121 Legislation on foreign nationals and asylum*12
Art. 121a1Control of immigration*2
Art. 1221Civil law
Art. 1231Criminal law
Art. 123a1
Art. 123b1No time limit for the right to prosecute or for penalties for sexual or pornography offences involving prepubescent children
Art. 123c1Measure relating to sexual offences involving children or persons who are incapable of judgement or resistance
Art. 124 Victim support
Art. 125 Weights and measures
Art. 1261Financial management
Art. 127 Principles of taxation
Art. 128 Direct taxes*1
Art. 129 Tax harmonisation
Art. 1301Value added tax*
Art. 131 Special consumption taxes*1
Art. 132 Stamp duty and withholding tax
Art. 133 Customs duties
Art. 134 Exclusion of cantonal and communal taxation
Art. 1351Equalisation of financial resources and burdens
Art. 136 Political rights
Art. 137 Political parties
Art. 138 Popular initiative requesting the total revision of the Federal Constitution
Art. 1391Popular initiative requesting a partial revision of the Federal Constitution in specific terms
Art. 139a1
Art. 139b1Procedure applicable to an initiative and counter-proposal
Art. 140 Mandatory referendum
Art. 141 Optional referendum
Art. 141a1Implementation of international treaties
Art. 142 Required majorities
Art. 143 Eligibility for election
Art. 144 Incompatibility
Art. 145 Term of office
Art. 146 State liability
Art. 147 Consultation procedure
Art. 148 Status
Art. 149 Composition and election of the National Council
Art. 150 Composition and election of the Council of States
Art. 151 Sessions
Art. 152 Presidency
Art. 153 Parliamentary committees
Art. 154 Parliamentary groups
Art. 155 Parliamentary Services
Art. 156 Separate proceedings
Art. 157 Joint proceedings
Art. 158 Public meetings
Art. 159 Quorum and required majority
Art. 160 Right to submit initiatives and motions
Art. 161 Prohibition of voting instructions
Art. 162 Immunity
Art. 163 Form of Federal Assembly enactments
Art. 164 Legislation
Art. 165 Emergency legislation
Art. 166 Foreign relations and international treaties
Art. 167 Finance
Art. 168 Appointments
Art. 169 Oversight
Art. 170 Evaluation of effectiveness
Art. 171 Tasks of the Federal Council
Art. 172 Relations between the Confederation and the Cantons
Art. 173 Further duties and powers
Art. 174 Federal Council
Art. 175 Composition and election
Art. 176 Presidency
Art. 177 Principle of collegiality and allocation to departments
Art. 178 Federal Administration
Art. 179 Federal Chancellery
Art. 180 Government policy
Art. 181 Right to initiate legislation
Art. 182 Law-making and implementation of legislation
Art. 183 Finances
Art. 184 Foreign relations
Art. 185 External and internal security
Art. 186 Relations between the Confederation and the Cantons
Art. 187 Further duties and powers
Art. 188 Status
Art. 189 Jurisdiction of the Federal Supreme Court
Art. 190 Applicable law
Art. 191 Access to the Federal Supreme Court
Art. 191a1Other federal judicial authorities
Art. 191b Cantonal judicial authorities
Art. 191c Independence of the judiciary
Art. 192 Principle
Art. 193 Total revision
Art. 194 Partial revision
Art. 195 Commencement
Art. 196 Transitional provisions in terms of the Federal Decree of 18 December 1998 on a new Federal Constitution1
Art. 1971Transitional provisions following the adoption of the Federal Constitution of 18 April 1999
Fichier unique

Art. 1 Confederaziun svizra
Art. 2 Intent
Art. 3 Chantuns
Art. 4 Linguas naziunalas
Art. 5 Princips da l’activitad dal stadi da dretg
Art. 5a1Subsidiaritad
Art. 6 Responsabladad individuala e sociala
Art. 7 Dignitad umana
Art. 8 Egualitad giuridica
Art. 9 Protecziun cunter arbitrariadad e mantegniment da la buna fai
Art. 10 Dretg da la vita e da la libertad
Art. 11 Protecziun dals uffants e giuvenils
Art. 12 Dretg d’agid en situaziuns da basegn
Art. 13 Protecziun da la sfera privata
Art. 14 Dretg da matrimoni e famiglia
Art. 15 Libertad da cretta e conscienza
Art. 16 Libertad d’opiniun e d’infurmaziun
Art. 17 Libertad da las medias
Art. 18 Libertad da lingua
Art. 19 Dretg d’instrucziun da scola fundamentala
Art. 20 Libertad da la scienza
Art. 21 Libertad da l’art
Art. 22 Libertad da reuniun
Art. 23 Libertad d’associaziun
Art. 24 Libertad da domicil
Art. 25 Protecziun cunter l’expulsiun, l’extradiziun ed il repatriament
Art. 26 Garanzia da la proprietad
Art. 27 Libertad economica
Art. 28 Libertad sindicala
Art. 29 Garanzias generalas da procedura
Art. 29a1Garanzia da la via giudiziala
Art. 30 Proceduras giudizialas
Art. 31 Privaziun da la libertad
Art. 32 Procedura penala
Art. 33 Dretg da petiziun
Art. 34 Dretgs politics
Art. 35 Effect dals dretgs fundamentals
Art. 36 Restricziuns dals dretgs fundamentals
Art. 37 Dretgs da burgais
Art. 38 Acquist e perdita dals dretgs da burgais
Art. 39 Diever dals dretgs politics
Art. 40 Svizras e Svizzers a l’exteriur
Art. 41
Art. 42 Incumbensas da la Confederaziun
Art. 43 Incumbensas dals chantuns
Art. 43a1Princips per attribuir ed ademplir incumbensas dal stadi
Art. 44 Princips
Art. 45 Cooperaziun al process da furmaziun da la voluntad da la Confederaziun
Art. 46 Realisaziun dal dretg federal
Art. 47 Autonomia dals chantuns
Art. 48 Contracts interchantunals
Art. 48a1Decleraziun cun vigur lianta ed obligaziun da participaziun
Art. 49 Precedenza ed observaziun dal dretg federal
Art. 50
Art. 51 Constituziuns chantunalas
Art. 52 Urden constituziunal
Art. 53 Existenza e territori dals chantuns
Art. 54 Affars exteriurs
Art. 55 Cooperaziun dals chantuns a decisiuns da la politica exteriura
Art. 56 Relaziuns dals chantuns cun l’exteriur
Art. 57 Segirezza
Art. 58 Armada
Art. 59 Servetsch militar e servetsch da cumpensaziun
Art. 60 Organisaziun, instrucziun ed equipament da l’armada
Art. 61 Protecziun civila
Art. 61a1Spazi da furmaziun svizzer
Art. 62 Fatgs da scola*1
Art. 631Furmaziun professiunala
Art. 63a1Scolas autas
Art. 64 Perscrutaziun
Art. 64a1Furmaziun supplementara
Art. 65 Statistica
Art. 66 Contribuziuns da furmaziun1
Art. 67 Promoziun d’uffants e da giuvenils1
Art. 67a1Furmaziun musicala
Art. 68 Sport
Art. 69 Cultura
Art. 70 Linguas
Art. 71 Film
Art. 72 Baselgia e stadi
Art. 73 Durabilitad
Art. 74 Protecziun da l’ambient
Art. 75 Planisaziun dal territori
Art. 75a1Mesiraziun
Art. 75b1Abitaziuns secundaras*2
Art. 76 Auas
Art. 77 Guaud
Art. 78 Protecziun da la natira e da la patria
Art. 79 Pestga e chatscha
Art. 80 Protecziun dals animals
Art. 81 Ovras publicas
Art. 81a1Traffic public
Art. 82 Traffic sin via
Art. 831Infrastructura stradala
Art. 84 Transit da las Alps*1
Art. 85 Taxa sin il traffic da camiuns pesants*1
Art. 85a1Taxa per l’utilisaziun da las vias naziunalas
Art. 861Impundaziun da taxas per incumbensas ed expensas en connex cun il traffic sin via*2
Art. 87 Viafiers ed ulteriurs meds da traffic*1
Art. 87a1Infrastructura da viafier*2
Art. 87b1Impundaziun da taxas per incumbensas ed expensas en connex cun il traffic aviatic
Art. 881Sendas, vias da viandar e vias da velo
Art. 89 Politica d’energia
Art. 90 Energia nucleara*1
Art. 91 Transport d’energia
Art. 92 Posta e telecommunicaziun
Art. 93 Radio e televisiun
Art. 94 Princips da l’urden economic
Art. 95 Activitad da gudogn en l’economia privata*1
Art. 96 Politica da concurrenza
Art. 97 Protecziun da consumentas e consuments
Art. 98 Bancas ed assicuranzas
Art. 99 Politica monetara
Art. 100 Politica da conjunctura
Art. 101 Politica d’economia da l’exteriur
Art. 102 Provediment dal pajais*1
Art. 103 Politica da structura*1
Art. 104 Agricultura
Art. 104a1Segirezza alimentara
Art. 105 Alcohol
Art. 1061Gieus per daners
Art. 107 Armas e material da guerra
Art. 108 Promoziun da la construcziun d’abitaziuns e da la proprietad d’abitaziuns
Art. 109 Fatgs da fittanza
Art. 110 Lavur*1
Art. 111 Prevenziun per vegls, survivents ed invalids
Art. 112 Assicuranza da vegls, survivents ed invalids
Art. 112a1Prestaziuns supplementaras
Art. 112b1Promoziun da l’integraziun d’invalids*2
Art. 112c1Agid als attempads ed als impedids*2
Art. 113 Prevenziun professiunala*1
Art. 114 Assicuranza da dischoccupads
Art. 115 Sustegniment da persunas basegnusas
Art. 116 Supplements da famiglias ed assicuranza da maternitad
Art. 117 Assicuranza da malsauns e cunter accidents
Art. 117a1Provediment medicinal da basa
Art. 118 Protecziun da la sanadad
Art. 118a1Medischina cumplementara
Art. 118b1Perscrutaziun vi da l’uman
Art. 119 Medischina da reproducziun e tecnologia da gens sin il sectur uman
Art. 119a1Medischina da transplantaziun
Art. 120 Tecnologia da gens en il sectur betg uman*1
Art. 121 Legislaziun en il sectur da las persunas estras e dals fatgs d’asil*1 2
Art. 121a1Regulaziun da l’immigraziun*2
Art. 1221Dretg civil
Art. 1231Dretg penal
Art. 123a1
Art. 123b1Nunscadenza da la persecuziun penala e dal chasti tar delicts sexuals e pornografics vi d’uffants avant lur pubertad
Art. 123c1Mesira suenter delicts sexuals cun uffants u cun persunas inablas da sa defender u da giuditgar
Art. 124 Agid a victimas
Art. 125 Metrologia
Art. 1261Gestiun da las finanzas
Art. 127 Princips da l’imposiziun da taglia
Art. 128 Taglias directas*1
Art. 129 Armonisaziun da taglia
Art. 1301Taglia sin la plivalur*2
Art. 131 Taglias spezialas da consum*1
Art. 132 Taglia da bul e taglia anticipada
Art. 133 Dazis
Art. 134 Exclusiun da taglias chantunalas e communalas
Art. 1351Gulivaziun da finanzas e da grevezzas
Art. 136 Dretgs politics
Art. 137 Partidas politicas
Art. 138 Iniziativa dal pievel per ina revisiun totala da la Constituziun federala
Art. 1391Iniziativa dal pievel per ina revisiun parziala da la Constituziun federala
Art. 139a1
Art. 139b1Procedura en cas da la votaziun davart ina iniziativa cun ina cuntraproposta
Art. 140 Referendum obligatoric
Art. 141 Referendum facultativ
Art. 141a1Realisaziun da contracts internaziunals
Art. 142 Maioritads necessarias
Art. 143 Elegibladad
Art. 144 Incumpatibilitads
Art. 145 Durada d’uffizi
Art. 146 Responsabladad dal stadi
Art. 147 Procedura da consultaziun
Art. 148 Posiziun
Art. 149 Cumposiziun ed elecziun dal Cussegl naziunal
Art. 150 Cumposiziun ed elecziun dal Cussegl dals chantuns
Art. 151 Sessiuns
Art. 152 Presidi
Art. 153 Cumissiuns parlamentaras
Art. 154 Fracziuns
Art. 155 Servetschs dal parlament
Art. 156 Deliberaziun separada
Art. 157 Deliberaziun communabla
Art. 158 Publicitad da las sedutas
Art. 159 Quorum e maioritad necessaria
Art. 160 Dretg d’iniziativa e dretg da proposta
Art. 161 Scumond d’instrucziuns
Art. 162 Immunitad
Art. 163 Furma dals decrets da l’Assamblea federala
Art. 164 Legislaziun
Art. 165 Legislaziun en cas d’urgenza
Art. 166 Relaziuns cun l’exteriur e contracts internaziunals
Art. 167 Finanzas
Art. 168 Elecziuns
Art. 169 Surveglianza suprema
Art. 170 Examinaziun da l’efficacitad
Art. 171 Incumbensas al Cussegl federal
Art. 172 Relaziuns tranter la Confederaziun ed ils chantuns
Art. 173 Ulteriuras incumbensas e cumpetenzas
Art. 174 Cussegl federal
Art. 175 Cumposiziun ed elecziun
Art. 176 Presidi
Art. 177 Princip colleghial e departamental
Art. 178 Administraziun federala
Art. 179 Chanzlia federala
Art. 180 Politica guvernamentala
Art. 181 Dretg d’iniziativa
Art. 182 Legislaziun ed execuziun
Art. 183 Finanzas
Art. 184 Relaziuns cun l’exteriur
Art. 185 Segirezza externa ed interna
Art. 186 Relaziuns tranter la Confederaziun ed ils chantuns
Art. 187 Ulteriuras incumbensas e cumpetenzas
Art. 188 Status dal Tribunal federal
Art. 189 Cumpetenzas dal Tribunal federal
Art. 190 Dretg decisiv
Art. 191 Access al Tribunal federal
Art. 191a1Ulteriuras autoritads giudizialas da la Confederaziun
Art. 191b Autoritads giudizialas dals chantuns
Art. 191c Independenza giudiziala
Art. 192 Princip
Art. 193 Revisiun totala
Art. 194 Revisiun parziala
Art. 195 Entrada en vigur
Art. 196 Disposiziuns transitoricas da la Constituziun federala dals 18 da december 1998 davart ina nova Constituziun federala1
Art. 1971Disposiziuns transitoricas suenter l’acceptaziun da la Constituziun federala dals 18 d’avrigl 1999 (2009-2021) - A propos
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